A multi-layered flexible waterproofing and flashing system that is backed by 2 & 5-Year Insurance guarantees.  All surfaces are initially cleaned of all latience and impurities and all roof bolts, chimneys, up-stands, galvanized flashings, parapet cappings, gutter flashings, gutter joints, outlets, overlaps, side laps and flashing joints are prepared and secured for waterproofing.  A penetrating primer coat is applied to newly prepared areas and thereafter a second saturant coat is applied at right angles to the first either with or without membrane / bandage depending on areas to be waterproofed.  This product is a seamless elastomeric flexible UV resistant acrylic or bitumen based waterproofing compound which does have ponding and anti-mould characteristics and using the acryliuc can be colour coded to any colour to match existing.   

2 & 5-Year Guarantees