" Don't re-roof......................WATERPROOF ! "


All buildings and structures are exposed to the most severe and relentless of forces ........Mother Nature.  Millions of Rand are spent each year on the replacement of roofs / walls that would more than likely have years of life left in them.  As is commonly known, building costs are escalating with alarming frequency and as such we, the WATER CONTROL Co., encourage owners to realise the magnitude of the investment they have made and to ACT now in protecting their most valuable of assets from damage.

Protecting one's investment and keeping a building insulated from the elements is critical to the preservation of any structure.  Rain is the single most damaging element and by the time water damage is visible on the interior of the building, it is likely that some irreversible and costly degradation has been caused to the exterior which is why keeping a building impermeable is imperative.

When it comes to one's peace of mind and for one's absolute investment protection, the WATER CONTROL Co. is the single most dependable source for comprehensive waterproofing, damp-proofing, drainage (mentis and agricultural type) and full re-vamping incorporating state of the art sealant services which, combined with our knowledge of modern techniques and total confidence in our proven imported products and guarantees, will take us far into the new Millennium.

It is with complete commitment to excellence and pride in our flexible yet durable waterproofing, damp-proofing, sealant systems, underground drainage, water features and guaranteed imported products that the WATER CONTROL Co. consistently delivers the experience and quality workmanship to all residential, commercial and industrial buildings, whether new or existing, that will withstand the test of time and rigors of the environment.
If you are experiencing problems with the current rainy season or for that matter even in the dry season, please allow us to inspect your premises so we are able to offer you a full report and comprehensive free quotation.  For further information please call Peter on cell (072) 202 4004 or land line Johannesburg (011) 465 4573.